PCB Assembly

Surface Mount PCB AssemblyAssembly of printed circuit boards (PCB’s) is, by far, the most popular area of our business.  We currently have three MyData/Mycronic surface mount (SMT) pick-and-place machines for assembling surface mount and BGA PCB’s of all types.  We can place components as small as a 0201 package size and with fine pitch placement of .10 mm (4mil) at a rate of 33,000 components per hour.  This number roughly equals 200-1500 PCB’s that we can produce per hour, depending on the component count.

We also own a Glennbrook X-Ray machine for providing QC and diagnostic services for assemblies using BGA components.

For whatever parts that cannot be added by our SMT line we have a capable staff of assemblers to solder, clamp, snap, wedge or screw together any assembly you might have need of.

Most of the PCB’s we produce leave our hands as part of a finished product, however, we will gladly perform any portion of assembling a PCB, whether it be reprogramming pre-assembled PCB’s or reworks of PCB’s already mounted into housings.  Please contact us if we can offer any additional information about our specific capabilities or pricing.